New look. New features.
New Sideline.

Greg Woock, CEO/Founder Greg Woock, CEO/Founder

We spent the past year incorporating customer feedback into the new Sideline. I'm happy to announce these changes and our new all-in-one subscription will help deliver the highest quality product, the most reliable service and amazing support. Coming October 11th.

Sideline App

What's new

New Logo The unique, yet familiar new design distills Sideline into an essential tool that does even more than your native communication apps.

Auto-Reply Automatically send any missed calls a picture message so you can always be responsive, even when you're busy.

Team Number Add a single Sideline number to multiple devices so your team members can call, text, and respond simultaneously.

New Subscription Sideline will become a subscription-only service for $9.99/month that includes all our existing paid features with everything new.

  • No Ads
  • VoIP Calling
  • Voicemail-To-Text
  • Auto-Reply to Missed Calls
  • Team Number
  • No Contracts. Cancel Anytime



Subscription buttons only work on mobile devices

Why we're switching to a paid service

Here's the short answer: Our customers want the best possible product experience. After a thoughtful analysis of our options, we determined that shifting to a subscription model is the only way we can truly meet your expectations.

When we launched Sideline, our goal was to deliver the best product possible. To some extent, we accomplished this goal based on independent reviews naming Sideline the best app-based phone system on the market.

But we aren't stopping there. You told us you want innovative new features, more responsive support, and even better reliability. We're listening—and our new goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

You should know that this was not an easy decision. We spent countless months analyzing our options. I've always said, "free is a compelling price point," and we truly tried to keep it that way. But in the app world, free means "ad-supported". Ads make apps slower, less reliable and hinder the user experience. The ad market is also less predictable as a revenue stream and ultimately, made our free version of Sideline worse, not better.

While I know this news will disappoint some of you, it's the only way we can deliver the features you want with the level of reliability you need.

Before making this decision, we asked thousands of our customers how they felt about paying for our service. We tested various price points and other monetization models. Many of you told us that free was just a bonus. After trying multiple communication apps, Sideline was simply the best communication tool out there. And yes, you said, if we continue adding value to that 2nd number, you'd gladly pay for a better experience.

It's my job to ensure Sideline, and the team that brings it to you, are around for years to come. This change will allow us to deliver the product and features you demand without compromise.

Whatever you decide, we thank you for using Sideline and hope you'll join us as we continue to improve our service and give you the application you've been asking for.


Our goal has always been to meet our customers' needs with the highest quality product. Removing ads for everyone and switching to a subscription service was the only way we could truly achieve this goal. So, while Sideline was free, we will be a subscription-only service as of October 11, 2017.

By switching to a paid app, we're also able to accelerate improvements, develop new features, and incorporate your feedback faster. As a subscriber, you'll have access to all our future updates.

We're offering all our existing users a limited time discount and all-inclusive subscription package. This package includes all of our previous upgrades such as Voicemail-To-Text, VoIP Calling, No Ads, Auto-Reply, Team Number, Web Messaging, Premium Support and an improved user interface. Plus, if you select an annual plan, you'll get a $50 discount. Offer ends on October 11, 2017.

If you ported in a phone number to Sideline, you'll still have to subscribe to continue using the service.

Still, you own this number so it will remain on your Sideline account until you decide to port it out. There is no charge for porting out a number you've ported in and we're happy to help if you decide to take your number elsewhere.

Go into Sideline's settings and tap "Sideline Subscription" from the menu. Then tap "Subscribe."

We'll also be sending out reminders throughout this transition with subscription options listed.

The annual discount will only be available to existing users though one of our reminders. So if you want an annual plan, be sure and select the $69.99/yr option from one of these messages.

Go into Sideline's settings and tap "Get Help" from the menu. Then tap "Port-Out Number."
Note: There will be a fee associated with the port out if you did not previously port your number into Sideline.

If you have any questions on how this works, our Porting Specialists will be happy to help.

We don't want to blow all the surprises. But we'll be adding functionality to help streamline automated communications. We'll also be developing a more robust offering to innovate how small businesses connect with their employees and customers. We'll be sure to announce new features as they become available. Stay tuned!

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