Business Phone Number

Add a dedicated work number to your phone with the #1 app for professionals. With Sideline, your work communication stays separate and organized, and your personal number stays private. All for only $9.99/mo.

Pick a local business phone number.

Choose a local area code and search for the perfect number. Or, you can just transfer your existing work number. Whatever works for you.

Reliability you can trust.

Sideline’s patented technology uses your carrier’s network to provide reliability everywhere your phone gets reception. Unlike VoIP services, Sideline gives you the freedom to leave your WiFi network without compromising call quality or coverage.

Texting, calling, and voicemail included.

Texting is unlimited, calling works with your carrier minutes, and your Sideline voicemail can be customized. Plus, Sideline's unified inbox keeps all your work communication organized in one place.

Know who's calling.

Cut out the guesswork. Our patented Caller ID shows you when calls are for business—even if the number isn’t a contact—so you can always answer appropriately.

Increase customer connections.

Enable Auto-Reply to send automated text responses. If you miss a call, that customer gets a text. And you're connected before they can Google your competition.

Business Phone Number Details

2nd Number

Get a dedicated business line for calls, texts, voicemail, and more.

Carrier Call Quality

Sideline uses your cellular network, so call quality is just as reliable as your carrier.

Web Texting

Take the conversation to a bigger keyboard with the web texting portal.

SMS + MMS Messaging

Text customers with unlimited text, picture, or video messages.

Group Messaging

Add multiple clients or colleagues to the same conversation.


Send an automated text reply to any missed calls or messages.

Number ID

Easily identify customer calls and avoid spam with Sideline's patented caller ID.

Ring & Text Tones

Add unique ring and text tones to further differentiate between work and personal.

Custom Voicemail

Record a professional greeting for your business phone number.

Voicemail to Text

Save time by reading your voice messages on the go.

VoIP Optional

If cellular service is less than stellar, turn on WiFi calling instead.

Compare Business Phone Systems

When you compare, there’s no comparison.


Other Phone Apps

2nd Phone Number

Sideline's proprietary caller ID clearly shows when your 2nd number is ringing and who's calling it.



Carrier Call Quality

Sideline uses your existing cellular network to connect calls for unmatched reliability. Others are restricted to VoIP calling.



Patented Caller ID

Sideline's proprietary caller ID clearly shows when your 2nd number is ringing and who's calling it.




Automatically respond to missed calls with a text whenever you’re busy. Learn More



Upgraded SMS Features

Save drafted texts, flag messages as unread, and pin conversations to the top of your inbox.



Live In-App Chat

Have questions or need help? Get assistance immediately!



How a Business Phone App Works

It's simple.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Set up your Sideline account.
  3. Throw away your second phone.

Follow your calling.

Sideline gives you a 2nd number with all the communication tools you need to start, work, grow, and pursue your passion.