Get to know the new Sideline.

Sideline's original premise was simple: 2 numbers on 1 phone. Whether it's for work or personal use, that number is an essential way you stay connected.

As we expand our offering, that original sense of simplicity remains at our core. Which is why our unique, yet familiar icon will become the new hub for all your Sideline communication.

New Interface

New look, new interface

The reorganized navigation makes it easier to access settings, see messages, make calls, manage contacts, and get things done. Your main features haven't moved— they're all just a little more user friendly. Over the coming months, additional releases will further improve Sideline‚Äôs speed, performance, and reliability.

No More Ads

Goodbye. They're gone forever.

Simplified Settings

More digestible & easier to navigate.

New Call Screen

Incoming calls are clear & simple.

New features

In Sideline's Settings, you'll find some new additions that help streamline communication, save time, and make you more responsive.

Sideline Auto-Reply


You're busy, we get it. So rather than start a game of phone tag, you can now send an automated text (or picture) message anytime you miss a call.

Sideline Team Number

Team Number

One Sideline number can now be added to multiple devices. This lets your whole team call, text, respond, and collaborate simultaneously.