No VoIP. No PBX. No BS.
IT folks, rejoice

Your job just got a little bit easier

Implementing Sideline is as easy as...

1 - Get numbers

With an Enterprise account, you can port your existing work numbers to Sideline or select up to 200 new ones in different area codes.

2 - Assign 'em

Once a number is assigned, that employee receives a download link. When they launch the app, the number is added to their device.

3 - Manage 'em

As employees come and go, your company can assign or reclaim work numbers at will. It’s kinda like managing work email addresses.

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Take control

The Enterprise dashboard is your phone system’s control panel. From there, you can see all your company phone lines, monitor usage, set up employee profiles, change account settings and more.

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Protect your company

If people use personal numbers for work, they can still get business calls after leaving your company. They can’t leave with their work email—and now you can manage numbers in a BYOD company.

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