Meet Sideline.

The mobile solution for a mobile film festival.

"When my Sideline rings, I know that means money, sponsors, and customer service."

- C.R. Capers, CEO & Founder of the Hip Hop Film Festival

Hip Hop Film Festival - Sideline
Hip Hop Film Festival - Sideline

What is Sideline?

2 numbers, 1 phone

Sideline is the easiest way to organize work and personal communication on the same device. Just pick an area code, customize your number, and add it to your phone.

Calling, texting, and voicemail

It's everything you'd expect from a regular number. Plus, Sideline uses your carrier network (not VoIP) so your second number is just as reliable as your first.

Professional tools

From automated texting to powerful team collaboration features, Sideline streamlines communication to help you start, run, or grow your business.

Low price. Unlimited Potential.

Join The Hip Hop Film Festival and get Sideline for all the benefits of another phone plan, without the cost or hassle of another phone. $9.99/month – No commitments. Cancel anytime.