Turn employee phones into a company phone system

Desk phones can finally retire and no one has to carry two cellphones

Enterprise Dashboard

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A virtual receptionist that greets callers and takes them through your company’s phone tree. Learn more

Number porting

Number porting lets you transfer your existing company phone numbers to Sideline. Learn more

Admin or IT control

With an Enterprise account, phone numbers stay with your company, so customer relationships do, too. Learn more

BYOD solutions

Employees bring their devices, companies manage and protect their numbers. Learn more

Instant directory

Sideline pre-populates contacts so your whole team has each other’s number.

Save big

At $9.99/ line per month, Sideline can shrink your company phone bill by over 65%.

sideline dashboard for your team

The dashboard, aka:
where the magic happens

With the Enterprise dashboard, companies can remotely manage, assign, or reclaim phone numbers—all on the phones employees already own (and know how to use).

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Even small businesses can feel big

With dedicated work numbers and a company auto-attendant, even small companies can have a well-established and professional phone presence.

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"Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for Stephen."

Create a custom virtual receptionist for your business to greet callers and forward them to the right person, place, or department.

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