Personally-owned devices,
meet company-managed numbers

It’s the way BYOD should be

What’s the BYO-Dealio?

BYOD programs are a growing trend. They’re popular because BYOD can improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and save companies money. However, companies get left with one tricky problem: What to do when employees leave the company with a valuable line of business communication and customer relationships?

Our solution is simple

Let employees use their smartphones and let companies manage their work numbers. All the benefits. None of the headaches. Enterprise solutions

Control & protect

Assign work numbers when employees start, reclaim them when they leave. Remotely wipe Sideline if a device is lost. Always keep your company phone lines in the company.

Mobile workforce

Remote employees, satellite offices and business travel can complicate things. Managing numbers remotely empowers your team, anywhere they work.

And just think of the savings

Company-sponsored cellphones add up quickly. Landlines are, well, landlines. And Sideline works on the phones everyone already has for $9.99/ mo per line. See pricing details

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