1 phone, 2 numbers, way more benefits

Mathematically speaking, 2 is always greater than 1

private numbers benefit photo

Personal privacy

Phone numbers are personal pieces of information. And sometimes, you don’t want to give out personal info to your boss, customers or someone you just met in a bar. Having 2 lines gives you that extra layer of protection.

Some numbers are for life

Whether it’s a home address, email, or phone number, changing your main points of contact is a drag. So if you plan to keep your personal number for the foreseeable future, we’d recommend getting a spare.

separate work and life benefit photo

Separate work and life

There’s a reason people have separate work emails. And yet, many people use their personal phone numbers for business. Why not separate both for the same reasons?

Save time, money and hassle

Not long ago, the only way to have two numbers was to have two phones. Now that there’s a super computer in your pocket, those complicated and uneconomical days are over.