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Leigh — Scone Diva

Leigh relies on: 2nd Number

Leigh left corporate America to pursue her love for cooking. Once people tasted her delicious twist on the scone, a business was born.

Jens & Smooches — Shinesty

Jens & Smooches rely on: 2nd Number, Business Texting, Auto-Reply

From the proverbial garage to a brimming warehouse, Shinesty's loud and ludicrous clothing line is making a splash both online and off.

Mikey Mike — Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Mikey relies on: Auto-Reply, 2nd Number

Mikey is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who's shaking up the music industry and connecting with fans in unconventional ways.

Denver & Vicktoria — Kidstance Custom Car Toys

Denver & Vicktoria rely on: 2nd Number, Business Texting, Auto-Reply

When this father-son hobby turned into a business, they found out people around the globe are just as passionate about cars as they are.

Stephanie — The Hypnosis Center

Stephanie relies on: 2nd Number, Business Texting, Auto-Reply

Stephanie founded The Hypnosis Center in her pursuit to bring a new kind of healing to her local community.

Ryan — Slow Motion Time Machine

Ryan relies on: 2nd Number, Business Texting, Auto-Reply

After Ryan invented his own photo booths, his slow motion videos became an instant hit at events across the western U.S.

Tyson — BluTek Irrigation and Landscapes

Tyson relies on: 2nd Number

To BlueTek, irrigation is all about not using water. That means they can bring sustainable landscaping all the way up to your doorstep.

C.R. — Hip Hop Film Festival

C.R. relies on: 2nd Number

C.R. founded The Hip Hop Film Festival to celebrate the global culture of hip hop and it quickly rose in the ranks of best film festivals in the U.S.

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