Already have a 2nd number?
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What is number porting?

Porting is the transfer of phone numbers between service providers. So if you want to keep an existing number from another device or landline, you can move it to Sideline.

  • No need to pay another service provider just to have another number.
  • No new number to remember.
  • No new number to give your clients, customers, colleagues or contacts.
  • No need to re-print business cards, or other materials with new contact info.

Depending on your service provider, porting can take 1 to 5 days. Review your contract to learn about any applicable termination fees or contractual requirements.

Have more questions? See our iOS porting FAQs or Android porting FAQs.

How to port a number

After sign up Tap “Number porting” in your settings
after trying the app.


Tips for a smooth transition

Different service providers have different protocols for number porting. To make things easier, follow the tips below:

  • Keep your service active – Don’t cancel your current service before transferring a number.
  • Be the account holder – Only an authorized account holder can transfer a number. If you aren’t that person, you’ll need to have them initiate the process.
  • Have a copy of your bill handy – We’ll need your account number and some other info to process your request.
  • Know we’re here for you – If you have any trouble with number porting (or just have questions), you can contact our friendly support staff at any time:
  • Copy your contacts – It’s always a safe bet to write down, back up, or save the contact info in your phonebook.