It works like a charm

“Charm,” being the reliable cellular network you already have. Not Wi-Fi or VoIP

Wait, so how does calling work?

Unlike most calling apps that only work over Wi-Fi, Sideline uses the device’s regular cellular network. This gives you the same great call quality you get from your regular number. In other words, Sideline works anywhere your cell phone does.

sideline works with cellular networks photo

Things to know

Even cell service can be less than stellar sometimes. Although Wi-Fi calling is typically less reliable, you can toggle between your cellular and Internet networks in Sideline’s settings (subscription required).

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  • Do Sideline calling minutes cost anything? If your carrier plan has unlimited minutes, Sideline calls don’t cost extra. This is the case for most cellular customers in the U.S.If you have limitations on your carrier plan, know that Sideline uses your minutes. However, you never have to pay us for calling.
  • Does Sideline use data? Even though Sideline uses your carrier network for calls, data connectivity is still required for general functionality.
  • Will Sideline calls show up on my phone bill? Yes. Sideline calls show up on the monthly statement from your service provider. They’ll appear like calls from your regular mobile number.
  • Why does Sideline use my cellular network? To give you the same reliability you get from your regular number.
  • Whose network gets used? Employee or employer? Sideline uses the network of the device it’s on. In most cases, it’s the employee’s device and network. Some employers choose to subsidize employee phone costs.
  • Chicken or egg, which came first? If Darwin was right, two birds that weren’t 100% chickens created the first chicken egg. Therefore, the egg came first.