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Activity Manager

A prioritized activity view shows what needs your attention and what your auto-texts or team members have resolved. Done and done.

Activity manager

Respond with a Text

Every missed call is a customer you may never get back. So Sideline automatically responds to unanswered calls with a custom branded message.

Automated business texting

Fast. Simple. Sent.

Improve customer interactions with efficient, effective and personal text communications. Nobody wants to play phone tag, leave voicemail or wait on hold.

Fast. Simple. Sent.

How It Works

Sideline adds a second number to your smartphone so you don’t have to carry two devices, deal with a landline or use a personal number for work. You can pick a new business number or bring an existing one. Plus it works with your existing cellular network for great call quality.

Plain and Simple Pricing

Sideline is $9.99/month per user. Get started today with a 7-day free trial that you may cancel at anytime.