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desk phones are dead

Desk phones are dead

Smartphones are smart enough for two numbers. With Sideline, your work and personal numbers live on the same device, but stay separated by their apps.

Automatically engage customers

Automatically engage customers

Every missed call is a customer you may never get back. So Sideline can automatically respond to unanswered calls or texts with a custom branded message.

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Communicate as a team

Communicate as a team

The Team Number feature lets your business line ring simultaneously on multiple devices. When teams share responsibility for one number, customer communication gets easier.

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Enterprise solutions

With an Enterprise account, companies can manage up to 200 numbers and simply add them to the phones employees already have.

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Business features

A real phone number

Choose an area code, transfer an existing number, or search custom numbers.

Send pictures & videos (MMS)

Send visual updates of invoices, projects, or a good ol' fashion selfie.

Group messaging

Chat with multiple colleagues or clients in the same conversation.

Carrier reliability (not VoIP)

Calls use your carrier network and minutes to give you great call quality.

Port in your own number

Transfer (port) an existing work number from another device or landline.

Business Texting

Engage customers with an automated text anytime you miss their call.

Separate voicemail

Record and manage professional voicemail greetings for your work number.

Remote admin

The original owner of the number can invite and manage shared team members.

Team Number

Give co-workers access to a single business number on their devices.