A second number is just the start

It's an entire phone system in one simple app

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A real phone number

Choose a local area code (if you want) and get a 2nd number on your smartphone.

Carrier reliability (not VoIP)

Calls use your carrier and minutes (which are likely unlimited) so everything just works.Learn more


Texting is free and unlimited. Sideline’s inbox puts all your communication in one place.

Transfer your number

Don't need a new number? Number porting lets you move existing numbers to Sideline.Learn more

Separate voicemail

Record and manage multiple voicemail greetings for your Sideline number.

Know who’s calling

Separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones let you know who’s contacting you.

Voicemail to text

Get your voicemails transcribed and read them as a text message *$2.99/month.Learn more

International calling*

Call over 165 countries with this optional add-on for $15/mo per user.Learn more

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Keep work and life separate

With 2 numbers on 1 phone, all your business and personal communication can finally live on one device, but stay separated by an app.

Benefits of a 2nd number
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Never pay us for calling minutes

Calling works with your cellular network and minutes (which are probably unlimited). This lets you share minutes between two lines and gives the same great call quality you get from your regular number.

Learn how it works
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Business numbers welcome

If you already have a work line on a desk phone or 2nd cell phone, number porting lets you transfer numbers to Sideline—or take them with you if you leave.

About Porting

The work line for any line of work

Whether you’re a white collar, blue collar, or no collar worker, Sideline is the phone system for you. When it’s quittin’ time, you can set auto replies or send calls directly to voicemail.

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