An app that adds work numbers to employee-owned smartphones

Simple set-up process

Just send employees a download link to the Sideline app. They’ll get a new work line (or an existing one transfered) and your company will get control.

Perfect for remote, mobile & on-site employees

Regardless of where your team works, Sideline works though the phones they already own. No more complicated multi-site hardware installations.

Complete admin control

Remotely manage, assign and reclaim numbers as employees come and go. That way, business communication always ends up in the right hands.

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Trusted by thousands of companies


Empower employees anywhere

Remote employees, satellite offices and business travel can complicate your business phone system. Manage mobile devices and business lines remotely to empower your team, regardless of their location.

The dashboard, aka:
where the magic happens

The dashboard is where companies assign or reclaim phone numbers, add features like international calling, remote wipe accounts and more—all on the phones employees already own (and know how to use).


Lower operational costs

At $10/ mo per line, Sideline is affordable for teams of all sizes. There’s no extra hardware necessary, just the device your employees already have in their pocket.

the app

get a real phone number
Choose a local area code (if you want) and add a 2nd number to your smartphone.

custom voicemail
Record and manage multiple voicemail greetings for your Sideline number.

carrier reliability
Calls use your carrier network and minutes (which are likely unlimited) so everything works like normal.

know who’s calling
Separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones let you know who’s contacting your Sideline.

Texting is free and unlimited. Sideline’s inbox puts all your communication in one place.

manage company lines
Teams can assign, manage and reclaim numbers as people come and go.

transfer exisiting numbers
Number porting lets you move existing numbers to Sideline or take them with you if you leave.

international calling
It’s a small world after all. Learn more.

about us

Sideline is powered by Pinger, Inc.

We created Sideline for anyone who needs a 2nd number for work, or simply to keep their personal number private. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • 121 million+ phone numbers given out
  • 3.3 billion+ calling minutes connected
  • 100 billion+ text messages processed


How Does Sideline Calling Work?

Sideline uses your carrier network. Incoming calls ring like normal with a “Sideline” caller ID. For outbound calls, just open Sideline instead of your native calling app.

Why Does Sideline Use My Carrier Network?

This gives you the same great call quality and reliability you get from your regular number.

Does Calling Cost Anything?

If you have unlimited minutes on your carrier plan, Sideline calls don’t cost extra. This is the case for most cellular customers in the U.S.

If you have limitations on your carrier plan, know that Sideline uses your calling minutes. Check with your carrier to see if any calling or messaging fees may apply.

What About Texts? Do I Pay For Those?

Nope. Texts are totally free.

Will Sideline Calls Show Up On My Phone Bill?

Yes. Sideline calls show up on the monthly statement from your service provider. They’ll appear like calls from your regular mobile number.

Can I use WiFi for Calling?

Yes. Do what makes you happy. Subscribing to Sideline Pro lets you toggle between WiFi and carrier networks.